Cloth Girl (page 3)

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Make patterns of shirt, blouse, skirt. make only around a neck of shirt.

Cut a cloth in according the patterns. And stitch them with the wrong side out.

Put clear bond on the hem and neck and turn down them.

Set a enameled wire in the hem of skirt. You can make the shape of skirt.

Turn over them with pliers and tweezers.


Dress shirt with double sided tape.

Dress skirt and blouse. If there is a unstable part, fix it with a double sided tape or clear bond.

If needed, make a cut into the part of setting rod.

Scratch a pastel on the sandpaper. And put rouge on the cheeks with swab.

Make a eyebrow with a embroidery thread and put it on the face with paper bond.

It’s finished. Only put the mouth in the face. You can glue eyelid to the face with paper bond.

I use the rod like this.

You can stand the doll with pin. But you need open the holes with a diameter of 0.8 mm. And You use the base made by cork.

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