Reverse animation

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Normally, when shooting, It will be shooted from the beginning of the scene in order, but it may be better to shoot from the back of the scene.


In the case of making an animation like the one below.

A white clay puppet flew and hit a red puppet and transformed into the letter “A HAPPY NEW YEAR”. If you animate from the head in order, it is OK until a white puppet hit a red one, but, It is quite a hard work to form letters while changing and place them in the center of the screen. Moreover the characters are red and white, the clay may get dirty.
In this case, first shoot from the first to hitting a red doll.

Record the location and size of the crushed clay with Dragonframe.

Next, after making the letter “A HAPPY NEW YEAR” and placing it at the last position, shoot one frame at a time until the position and size of the clay recorded.

And you reverse play this movie and connect it after the movie taken first, you can make the first animation.
In this way, in the case of deforming to a complicated shape, or when it is possible to shoot from behind more quickly than taking the end position of the scene from the head, use this reverse animation method.

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