Loop animation

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If you want to repeat a same motion, you animate once and playback repeatedly. This method is called loop.
When using this method, the pose of the last frame returns to the pose of the first frame. You can mark the first position on the display using the memo function of the software Dragonframe, or load the first frame using the line-up layer function. And you animate toward the pose of the first frame.


Animate the puppet performs monkey dance.
The first, animate only once the puppet lowers the right hand and moves the left hand down.

Moreover, face the other side of the screen and make monkey dance. First, animate the action that turns to the right of the screen from the end position of the above video (loop 1). Next, animate a monkey dance that turned to the right of the screen (Loop 2). Between this loop 1 and loop 2, the animation of the part facing the right of the screen is called bridge.

And furthermore, animate the bridge 2. from the end of loop 2 to the first frame of loop 1.

This will be one big loop animation, Loop 1 → Bridge 1 → Loop 2 → Bridge 2 → Loop 1.

In this way, loops are not necessarily one. Multiple loops and bridges can also be combined.
If there is only one loop, it may seem cheap animation. In such a case, try taking the same motion two or three times, try combining bridges and adding complexity to the motion. There are ways such as.

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