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Time sheet is like a planning chart of puppet’s movement. Animator writes before shooting. The format is not decided in particular by each person or company. It is useful for lip-sync (moving the puppet’s mouth according to speech) and movement according to music, when the time of scene is precisely decided.

How to use

Basic description items
TITLE:animation title
#S:scene No
#C:cut No
#T:take No
DATE:shooting date
No:page No

how to write
The illustration is an example of a case a girl raises her right hand in 10 frames. First, write the name of the character at the top of the column. Since the girls do not move in the first 4 frames, write only arrow. The girl raises her right hand from the fifth frame. so write the numbers. and write how to move (raise your right arm). The arm stops at the 14th frame. The circled number is added to the number 10 at the end of the motion. and the girl do not move afterwards. so write an arrow again.

When animating two or more puppets, write the action of another puppet in the adjacent column.
The order of shooting is as follows.

1. Animator moves the puppet.
2. Circle the number of actions that have been moved, animate the next puppet.
3 When you finish animating all of the frames, shoot and check the far right of the line.

I made a timesheet for myself. If you have Excel, download it and adjust it for yourself.

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