Fix the puppet in the air with wire

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Wire work is a method of suspending a puppet with wire. Tungsten wires are often used for the wire, and the thickness can be selected according to the case, such as 0.03 mm or 0.05 mm. When you animate the puppet, the puppet will swing a little, you
have to shoot after stopping the swing each time. And you have to give attention to the shadow of the wire work rig. It has become easier to erase rods after shooting with editing software, so it has become less used recently.

wire work rig

It is needed the wire work rig When shooting with wire work. The photo below shows the setting of the wire work. Give wooded square bar or aluminum horn on the working table and place the rig on it. The rig consists of two parts (lower part) that manipulates the wire that suspends the puppet and the other part that moves the lower part up and down (upper part).

The upper part has the function of sliding left and right on the rail setting on the working table and it has the function of moving the lower part up and down. You can adjust the width of the parts holding the rail. And you can move it up and down using the handle and rock using the left screw so that the rack does not fall off.

In the lower part, 3 parts to suspend the wire are set on disk-shaped parts. Disc-like parts is a transparent acrylic plate so that it will not interfere with lighting, or use a black colored brass plate. Also, make the disk can rotate so that you can animate the puppet rotating in the air.

It is the part which adjusts the length of the wire. I make it with a dial and bobbins used for sewing machines. Turn the tungsten wire around the bobbin so that the length can be adjusted.

introduction movie of wire work

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