Fix the puppet in the air with a rod

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This is a method of supporting a puppet with a rod. It is used fixing the puppet in the air and running and flying and jumping. The reflected rods are erased by editing after shooting. When using this method, you need to have a mechanism to fix the rod to the puppet in advance.


A mechanism to insert a rod to a puppet is often attached to the puppet’s buttock. Determine the size of the rod by considering the size and weight of the puppet. Just by inserting the rod, it will come out soon so that it can be fixed with a screw. In the case of a puppet wearing clothes, put a notch in a place to insert the rod.

Make the parts to insert the rod with a brass squared. or you can buy similar parts

Scrap the core of the waist of the puppet and attach the fixing parts with epoxy adhesive.

The rod is attached to rig called tank. it has a mechanism that move the puppet up and down, and has the function of placing a weight.

Even if it is not as serious as the above photo, you can shoot even simple tank using aluminum wire and lead ingots.

You can also shoot with the rod fixed from above.

There are chroma key or rotoscope for the method of erasing the rod after shooting, please refer to After Effects for details.

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