Fix foot with screw [tie down] (base)

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In the case of tie-down method, make a hole in a ground, you need to prepare the working table that can be replaced a top plate and it can be put your hands from under. It would be tough to make it all by yourself, so here I would like to introduce a method using a workbench sold.


Remove the top board and use only the framework.
I use it for the top board. Use a thickness of over 10 mm.


I use the table that the top board is screwed and can easily be removed. Assemble without the top board and attach the wooden square bar so that you can easily fix the ground.

Next I make a base. This time I used an MDF board of 910 mm × 600 mm × 9 mm.

In the case of the tie-down method, since a screw is inserted from the bottom of the top board, square bar for reinforcement can not be incorporated in the center of the panel. Therefore, use a thick plate for the top board.

Grue the square bar to the four sides of the top board with a wood grue.

Once the bond is solidified, strike the nail.

Place the base on the table framework.

Fix the base firmly on the table framework with vice.

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