Fix the foot with screw [tie down] (summary)

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It is a method to fix the puppet with screws. Make a threaded hole in the feet in advance and insert the screw from under the work table. The opened hole will be filled with clay etc.
You can firmly fix the puppet to the ground even large size puppets like 30 cm. Instead, it is necessary to prepare a work table that can be replaced the top board. And it can be putted your hand under the table. You need an electric drill when opening a hole.

process of walking

Fix the foot with the screw from the under of the work table and let the puppet stand. Do not fix the first moving foot.

Start shooting. Animate the foot which is not fixed. and take one step forward.

Fix the foot be stepped on.

Pull out the screw fixing the back foot.

Continue shooting. Animate the back foot to take one step forward.

Fix the front foot with a screw. Repeat this work afterwards.

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