Fix the foot with pin (ground and puppet)

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I introduce the structure of the puppet’s foot and the other things.

structure of foot

The puppet’s foot is inserted a lead plate. You can bend the toes.

cover the lead plate with the cloth or leather. and make the upper side of the shoes that cover the cork shaped with the cloth or leather. and glue the cork on the lead plate. It is a foot that you can pierce a pin.

In the case of the foot is made by a hard material such as plastic, you make a hole of 0.8 mm to pierce pins in advance.

You should pierce the pin obliquely to the ground. It will easily come off if pierce vertically. You can secure more firmly by piercing each pin in two places of the instep and heel.

At first, when you pierce the pin, the pin may bend, or when you put power on it, it may not work, such as hitting hands against the something around, but I think that if you practice a few times you will be able to do it .

bace of ground

Use the cork board about 10 mm thick on the ground. Since it is unstable such as warping only with cork board, make panel and glue with bond.

refer to Base of ground for detailed method of making.

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