Fix the foot with pin (summary)

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It is a method to fix the puppet to the ground with the pin. It is Japan’s original method devised by Mr. Yoshinaga Tadahito , a pioneer Japanese stop-motion animator. From the top of the puppet’s foot pierce the pin towards the ground made of cork.
It is needed some practice to pierce the pin. Although there are disadvantages such as, the puppet’s foot are hurt. Sometimes the head of the pin may appear. but this method can be done easy, even people who do not prepare the place and tools as compared with the tie-down method of fixing the foot using screws. There is also an advantage that props such as furniture and other things can be stopped with a pin.

process of walking

From the top of the puppet’s foot pierce the pin towards the ground. and make the puppet stand up. Do not pierce the pin the first moving foot.

Start shooting. Animate the foot which is not pierced. and take one step forward.

Pierce the foot be stepped on and fix it.

Pull out the pin fixing the back foot.

Continue shooting. Animate the back foot to take one step forward.

Fix the front foot with a pin. Repeat this work afterwards.

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