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I make a core with wood. It’s the same way as Green Man .

I use aluminum wire for the armature in this time. I use twist aluminum wire of 1.6 mm to waist.

Use the arm with a 0.9 mm twisted aluminum wire.

Glue the twisted wire to the core with epoxy adhesive. The adhesive sticks out a little.

Since the neck has less load, I use a 30 A wire fuse wound with paper. For details, please refer to Green Man .

Use 1.6 mm aluminum wire as it is.

Cut the sponge and bond it to the alminium wire with bond.

After the bond is solidified, cut with scissors and shape it.

It is completion of armature.

hand and neck

I make a original mold of the hand. first, cut a 1.6 mm aluminum wire.

I make a hand with scalpy on aluminum wire. Since I use the same mold to left and right hand in this time, I do not make front and back of hand.

After shaping, bake it for about 10 minutes at 110 degrees in the oven range. As with the head, make the mold with silicone, so lay the oil clay on the frame of the foam core board and fill the original mold of the hand half.

Pour the silicone into the mold and make the other side the same way as a head.

I use a 10 A wire fuse for hands. Cut it and bend it with a radio pliers. Make index finger, middle finger, ring finger and little finger with single wire fuse. I use a 15 A thread fuse in the arms. Bend it like a photo.

Place it in the form of a hand and solder it. Be careful not to melt the wire fuse.

Place it in a silicon mold and trim the finger length.

Serve epoxy putty on the palm of hand. Place it in a mold and shape it while checking the size.

Insert the hand framework half into the brass pipe and bond it with epoxy adhesive.

I paint by air spray to the skin color so that the color of the framework can not be seen through.

Make skin color with water based paint.

Mix skin-colored aqueous paint and latex.

Using a toothpick, I paint the latex on the mold.

Repeat 2 to 3 times to paint and dry.

When the latex is dry, put a hand on the mold.

Gently peel off the other hand from the mold and put it on the hand.

Carefully laminate so that the framework does not protrude.

Attach the pasted hands to the latex to eliminate the parting line.

Remove the extra latex with a toothpick. Latex will dry quickly so do it carefully and quickly.

When the latex is dry, put the baby powder on the surface and drop the extra powder and complete the hand.

I make the original mold of the neck with a scarpy.

Make a silicon mold just like a hand.

make only one side mold of the neck.

I paint the latex colored skin-colored the same way as the hand several times tooth with a toothpick.

When the latex is dry, put a baby powder on the inside with a cotton swab.

If I remove it from the mold, I will also baby powder on the outside.

Cut the tip of the neck and the part of the shoulder with scissors.

Plug in the armature.


I make original shape of shoes. Cut the 5 mm thick MDF material to the size of the shoe sole.

I make the original mold of the shoes with scarpy.

Bake at 110 degrees in the oven range for 20 minutes and remove it from the MDF plate.

Make a mold with silicone just like a hand.

After you have the mold, pour resin and make left and right shoes.

Open the 1.6 mm hole that inserts the framework of the foot with pin vise.

Open the 0.8 mm hole that insert the pin on the heel and toe.

Paint the shoes. It is the completed

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