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It is a puppet made from resin (plastic) with a head and feet, dressed in clothes made of wire armature with aluminum wire and wooden core. Compared to a puppet that uses a wire fuse as a armature, the joint is hardened and hard to animate a little, but the durability increases considerably.

movie and sample animation


First, I make the original mold of the head. Roll the scalpy (resin clay) and put it on a wooden stick and bake it in an oven range at 110 degrees for 20 minutes.

Scalpy is added to the baked scalpy to make the shape of the face and baked for 20 minutes at 110 degrees in the oven range.

Writing eyes while watching the design picture.

Serve scalpy along the contours of the eyes and make white of the eye. Make the ear and bake at 110 degrees for 10 minutes in the oven range.

Lay oil clay on the frame made of foam core board. And fill half of the original mold of the head.

Pour the silicon mixed with the curing agent into the frame.

After the silicon has solidified, remove it from the frame and remove the oil clay. The original mold of the face is not removed from the silicon.

Apply a release agent to the silicon mold with a cotton bud. Often I use a vaseline for a release agent.

Pour silicon into the frame of the foam core board.

After silicon solidifies, remove the frame and original mold.

Put a notch in the mold with a cutter and make a resin inlet and air loophole.

Align the molds, attach the MDF to the outside, secure firmly with the rubber band, and pour the resin.

Once the resin has set, remove it from the mold.

Cut out the protruding resin and erase the parting line with a file.

Color the skin color with air spray.

Color to the eyes, lips and eyebrows.

I make the hair. Write the outline of the hair to the original mold.

Apply petrolatum to the original mold and then pour the epoxy type putty.

Divide the hair into several parts using the hair part. After it solidifies, scrap with a file to make it shape.

Once the shape is ready, color it with an air spray and bond it to the head.

Cut the 0.5 mm thick plaque to make a iris.

Color the iris.

I make a mouth. Apply mentholatum to the original mold and pour epoxy type putty.

I make some patterns such as laughing mouth, closed mouth, surprised mouth etc.

When it gets set, remove it from the face and color them.

I make eyelids. Cut the plaque with a thickness of 1.2 mm, adjust it by cutting the size while adjusting to the original mold.

Paint the eyelids.

When glue eyelids and iris to the face, apply a thin paper bond, leave it for about 1 minute and paste it in a slightly dry state.

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