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I use a sponge for giving a body.

Cut off the sponge and bond it to the waist, hands and feet with bond.

Cover the outside with felt. Write a pattern of neck, arm, torso and leg.

Cut the felt according to the pattern. I can not do it easily with pattern paper at a time. Actually fit the felt to the puppet and modify the pattern if there is an extra or missing part. I repeat the task of doing it several times.

Sew each parts.

Flip the felt. This time it is difficult to do this work because the arms and legs are thin, but I try using tweezers and radio pliers and do it little by little.

After turning over, attach it to the armature. Paste the bond on the chest part and paste it.

finish making the body.

Since the head is spherical and it is difficult to cover felt, I stick the wool felt with a special needle to the head core.

Finish sticking.

It is in a state that the neck is inserted. You should not glue it.

Next I make eye and mouth parts. Since it needs to be replaced many times, it needs strength. so It is made of metal. Cut a brass plate about 0.5 mm thick, and drill a 0.8 mm hole in the center.

Insert a pin cut the head and solder it.

Cover with the epoxy putty the metal parts.

It scrapes off with a file to prepare the shape.

Color with paint.

It is the state with the face parts attached.

In this way you can freely change the facial expression.

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