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“Green Man” is a puppet which made a armature with a wire fuse and a wooden core and made the outside with a felt.

movie & sample animation

How to make (armature and core)

For the center of the face core I use a 10 mm thick core. Use the balsa material for weight reduction in the back of the head, and the face is used cork to make it easier to stop the parts of the eyes and mouth.

Cut the face parts.

Open a hole with a diameter of 2.1 mm deeply so as to insert the thread fuse of the neck, and open a hole of 6 mm in diameter to a depth of 5 mm so that the fleshed neck enters.

Bonding with bond, firmly pinch the vise until the bond dry.

write the face shape with a pencil while watching the design picture.

It scrapes off with a file to prepare the shape.

Mark the eyes and mouth with a pencil.

For the center of the core of the bust and waist I use wood with a thickness of 10 mm. Write dimensions from design drawing on wood.

Cut out the wood, and drill a hole of 2.5 mm in the part where neck, waist, arm and leg are attached.

This alone is insufficient in thickness. so cut the balsa material of 5 mm thickness according to the size of the core and waist core.

Paste on the front and back of the core with bonds, and after the bond hardened, scrape with a file to shape it.

For neck and arm and leg cut the wire fuse and a 1 mm thick lead plate. After thrusting in the core I adjust the length of the neck and arm. so cut it slightly longer. In order to make the wire fuse difficult to break, reinforce it by winding a paper tape coated with woodworking bond thinned with water.

Drill a hole of 2.1 mm in the center of the lead plate of the foot, and insert the wire fuse of the leg and solder it.

Cut a 0.5 mm thick lead plate for hand.

Bonding wire fuse with epoxy adhesive to the bust and waist core. Be careful that the legs are the same length. After the adhesive hardens, cut the arm so that the length becomes the same, and solder the lead plate of the hand. Just plug it in without gluing the neck.

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