Clay animation (cookie type)

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It is a method to set the camera looking down from above and lay the puppet on the table and shoot. With this method it is not necessary for making stand up the puppet, you can jump and fly in the sky just by placing the puppet in the direction above the table. Instead, you can not move toward or away from the camera.


I use colored oil clay. Claytoon and Plastelene are famous.


Make a puppet. I tried using Swiss clay “MODELA” here.

After making the puppets, cover them with wrap so that dust does not stick. Clay will soon become dirty so pay attention to dust while shooting.

Make a background. Put the clay on the drawing paper and make a mountain. The background does not move, so it makes with solid clay such as paper clay and colors.

Set the shooting table in two layers and place a puppet with a glass plate or a transparent acrylic plate or plastic plate on the top. Set the background in the lower layer.

Sets the camera the shooting table looking down from above. Make sure that the camera does not reflect on the glass plate or plastic plate.

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