Hand 2

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The method introduced in Hand 1 was putting in the latex, but with this method the surface will be like a glove. If this is a cute and deformed character, this method is sufficient, but if you want to make a more real puppet, You’d like to add more detail on the surface of the hand. The method to introduce here is a method of making prototypes and taking a mold them with silicon, so you can attach detail to the surface. It takes time and need technique but you can make a more precise hand than hand 1.

hand 2

Make a hand frame with soldered 1 mm lead wire. My arm is a cutted plastic pipe.

I will make a prototype of hand with scalpy(polymer clay). Make it slightly narrower than the finished form.

Take two-sided molds with silicon and cut the base part of the mold’s arm.
Color the latex with skin texture with lyquitex and paint it on the silicon mold. Repeat about 3 to 4 times to dry out and apply thickness.

When the latex dries, put the hand frame and trim your fingertips so that it does not extend beyond the fingertips of the mold.

Peel off the latex slowly from the opposite mold and place it on top. At this time, when the fingers touch each other, they will stick together, so be careful and wrap the hand frame.

Cut off the part that protrudes with little scissors. And paint the latex thinly over the whole hand and hide the seams. Finally put baby powder on the hand.

Animation test

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