Neck and Hand 1

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The neck and hand are small parts, but they are exposed outside of clothes, so they must be made from soft materials, and hands have difficulties to make because there are many moving parts in small space. I introduce them as both because they are made of similar materials.

hand 1

The hand is an important part that holds things and expresses emotions, so make it carefully.
Cut five wire fuses or lead wires. And wrap them in the arm with a thin wire. then, attach epoxy adhesive or instantaneous adhesive around the wire. After hardened the adhesive, widen the wire in the form of a hand and trim it according to the length of the finger.

Cut the sheet of cushioning material into square and paste on both sides of the hand with bond. Cut off between the fingers.

paint the color with lyquitex in the hand.

Finish the surface with liquid rubber called latex. When it is in the bottle, it is in liquid form. And it cures when exposed to air and becomes rubber. It smells so please be careful of ventilation.

it is difficult to color the latex after it is cured, first color the latex with a coloring agent for water-based paint or latex.
Put the hands in the latex. and shake off the extra latex on the hand. At that time the latex is scattered around so prepare a cardboard and shake your hand towards it. When you put the hands in a latex, if you do not leave the fingers as open as possible, the latex will get in between the fingers. Repeat this process several times to overlay the rubber film around the hand.

You have the shape of the hand, put on baby powder and remove the feeling of stickiness. If you keep painting latex, the fingers stick together and you will not be able to take it.

neck 1

Cut off the sponge, stick it on the neck with bond, cut with scissors and arrange it in the shape of the neck.

As with the hand, make the latex film several times, finally put on the baby powder.

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