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I introduce you how to make the outline of a puppet by putting flesh out the core and armature with a sponge and then putting on clothes. It will not collapse like a clay. If the puppet ware short sleeves or shorts and elbows or knees exposed, the difficulty level will increase as you have to make the exposed parts with soft material.


Attach the sponge to the armature and core with bond. You should be careful when using a thin cloth because the color of the sponge is transparent. There is also a way to wind cotton instead of a sponge.

After had hardened the bond, cut with scissors and arrange shape. Be careful not to cut too much. Clothes are dubbing and moving when you hold the puppet.

I make clothes basically like the one worn by humans. I think that books of dressmaking will be good materials, so it is convenient to buy a few books.

After you design clothes, cut the paper pattern. In the beginning, you are not certain how to write the paper pattern. but do not try to complete at one time, adjust and recreate it several times.

Cut the fabric according to the pattern paper. Depending on the size of the doll, you can use the cloth as thin as possible.

After cutting, start to saw them. For small parts that can not be stitched, use double sided tape or bond with repair bonds.

It is in a state dressed in a puppet. adjust a small part such as a hem and a sleeve tip several times and complete it. Attaching accessories such as buttons is also interesting, but fix it firmly so that it can not be taken during shooting.

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