Armature (framework of the puppet)

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The armature(framework of puppet) is divided into “wire armature” using wire and “ball joint armature” using metal ball joint.

Each has advantages and disadvantages, so it does not mean which is superior. I think it would be better to decide the optimum armature for your puppet. What kind of design do you want to make? What kind of the movement do you want?
It’s fine that wire armature and ball joint armature may be mixed in one puppet. Take advantage of each feature and make the puppet you want.

I easily organize the advantages and disadvantages of wire armature and ball joint armature.

“return move”
It is a phenomenon appearing on the wire armature, for example, in the case of animating the arm of the puppet, When you release your hand, the arm will return a little. It is caused of elasticity of the wire.
When raising the arm of the puppet, it’s not serious problem. because it will be settled moving the arm in surplus considering the amount of “return move”. But in the case of a motion like a clap, it is difficult to put puppet’s hands together.
The wire armature can express a unique motion, but I think that the ball joint is suitable for precise animation.

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