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Although it may use Beans light bulbs or wheat bulbs for indoor lights or fire, dry batteries are not used for power supply. Because it is difficult to keep constant brightness for a long time with dry batteries.
Although it is easy to use a household outlet as a stable power supply, it is necessary to lower the voltage and switching a alternating current to an direct current. I introduce the method.


Beans light bulbs
It is also possible to use wheat balls, but when it runs out, it is difficult to exchange. Socket type bean bulb is more convenient.

AC adaptor
use the AC adapter to convert household outlet to direct current.

slidac(variable autotransformer)
It is dangerous to use the electricity of household outlets. Use the slidac to lower the voltage.

stabilized DC power supply
It is also possible to use a DC stabilized power supply instead of the AC adapter and slider. You can use it by connecting it to the household power supply and connecting the light bulb code.

example (lump)

Make lamps with plastics and putty. and set light bulbs inside. Solder the brass pipe to the end of the cord.

Plug the cord into the front of the AC adapter. wind the insulating tape. be careful that don’t touch + and -.

Connect the AC adapter into the slidac.

It is the last time to connect the slider to an outlet. pay attention to electric shock.

It is a state that the lamp is set. The lamp is fixed to the desk with double-sided tape. Lay out the wires so that they can not be seen from the camera.

turned on the lights. When connecting the slidac to an outlet, make sure that the voltage dial is 0V. Adjust brightness gradually while adjusting brightness, and adjust to just right brightness.

You can change the brightness with a slidac, you can animate the fluctuation of the fire by shooting the lamp while changing the voltage.

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