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I introduce how to make chairs, tables and beds.


it is interesting when using beautiful wood grain.

aqueous varnish
Paint should be careful not to lose texture as much as possible. This time I tried to emphasize wood grain using varnish diluted with water.

use it for bedding and pillow. When using a cloth with pattern, pay attention to the size of the pattern.

use it for bedding and pillow

Lead wire · paper tape
use it for the comforters.

Example (chair / table)

after design is done, cut wood and make chair’s parts.

making the table is also similar. cut the top board once, then cut the corner with a cutter and then bonded them with a woodworking bond.

The chair is made especially robust. Because the puppet sits and moves the chair,so load is applied. Where you attach feet rest of chair, pierce with a hole and insert a short pin into it, and glued with woodworking bonds.

The picture below is assembled. Furniture with 4 legs might be shaky, so check 4 legs are on the ground properly.

The picture below is where assembled the table.

Wooden varnish (aqueous) diluted with water and painted on furniture.

Put a dirty pastel and give a feeling of use. and spraying the FIXATIVE to coat pastel will not fall.

Example (bed)

Just like a chair and table, after design is done, cut wood out parts.

attach each part with woodworking bond.

Dilute wood varnish (aqueous) with water and paint.

Put a dirty pastel and give a feeling of use. As with chairs and tables, spray the FIXATIVE to coat pastel will not fall.

make the mat and duvet and the pillow. First, decide the size and cut the cloth.

Sew the surroundings by piling up two sheets. Leave the bottom left, after, put inside cotton from there.

Apply a woodworking bond diluted with water to a paper tape. and wind up to a lead wire with a paper tape.

Paste the lead wire around the quilt with bond.

Turn inside out of the hole of sewing left and put cotton inside. If you put cotton too much, it will be hard to move. Finally sewing the sewing residue.

The bed and the mat are pasted and fixed with a double-sided tape.

The quilt can be fixed in this way freely. It is useful for animating of turning it.

example of layout

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