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I introduce how to make the wall for indoor scenes, etc. It is important to have a solid structure so that the floor and wall do not move during shooting, but it is important to have a structure that can be disassembled as necessary so that you can remove the walls not required.


it needs for panels and window frames and doors

It can be cut easily and can be various shapes. It is lightweight. So it is suitable for making large parts. For cutting, use a heat cutter using Nichrome wire.

Pate for wall repair
I use it as a fíller of styrofoam. It can not be made fine shaping than putty for molding, but it is cheap and it is useful when used in large quantities.Be careful as it will not solidify if it is applied too thick.

Bond for woodworking and pastel . paint . brush etc.


Design by considering how to fix the wall. If you make it as the lower left side illustration, the wall becomes unstable. and there might be a gap at the corner. If you make it as the lower right side illustration, it can be fixed easily firmly with vise.

First, make panels using wood and MDF. The load is not applied as much as the ground, it is enough even about 5 mm thick for the board. When attaching windows or doors, leave a hole. The picture below is the back of the wall.

I make a wall like a log house style in this esample. Cut the styrofoam thinly with a heat cutter so as to make logs.

Cut the thinned stylus into a log shape with a cutter and stick it to the panel with wood bonds.

Coat the surface of log with pate for wall repair. When there are many irregularities like this time, you can paint quickly if you use brush.

After the putty is solidified, paint the base color with paint.

After the paint dries, dilute the color darker than the base color with water and paint it to wall.

paint brighter colors than the basic color to the convex part of the wall. Once you rub the brush on paper and drop the paint a little before painting it on the wall. This method is called dry brush.

Scrape pastel with sandpaper. and smear the wall with the pastel powder using finger. And spray FIXITHIF to fix the pastel and coat the surface.

Next, make wall decorative parts. This time I made a window frame with wood.

I also color the window frame like a wall. I emphasized the wood using Water diluted aqueous varnish. The glass is a transparent plastic plate. I rubbed the surface with fine waterproof sand paper. and glue the window frame to the wall with a woodworking bond.

It is a photograph that made two walls and set it up.

The door was made of wood as well as the window frame. it is possible to open and close.

I fix the wall and the ground with vise.

When actually setting up, fix it so that the handle of the vise is inside. If the handle is outward, it will hit or interfere with lighting.

It is convenient without adhering the walls. because it is possible to rearrange. For example, like the illustration below, set only the walls shown in the camera, it will be easier to animate. However, the presence of the wall affects the lighting, so you need to be careful.

You should pay attention to the outside scenery seen from the window and the door. like the illustration below, how the view of the landscape depending on the direction the door opens, so if necessary , set up the scenery.

When setting up wall and ground, think about how to animate efficiently. For example, In the case of a puppet enters the room with the door open, it is desirable to have access to both the outside and the inside of the room. If you can only reach one side, animating will be hard. There are cases that the combination of sets affects the efficiency of shooting and the quality of animation.

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