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The structure of the ground used for stop motion animation depends on the fixing method of the puppet. Here I introduce the case of using a pin and fixing with a screw.

fix with pin

wood and MDF
It is used for making a panel that will become the base of the ground. MDF is medium-density fiberboard. In this page I use square timber with a side length of 2~4 cm and board thick 5~10 mm.

cork board
I use a cork board thick 10mm.

Paper and glue
In Japan we use the paper “cha-chiri”. “cha-chiri” is used for Fusuma (Japanese traditional door). This paper wrinkles when wet, but it shrinks when dry. so it can be put up cleanly.

First, make panel using wood. When stabbing insect pins, force is applied. So make it sturdy not to get dented even if pushed.

Paste the cork board with bond to the panel.

Cut the paper to about 30 cm square. Paste the glue on the four sides of the paper with a brush and paste it on the panel. Paste so that paper will overlap by 1 cm.

Again cut paper of the same size, next time paint glue paste on the whole surface. Again I will overlap about 1 cm.

The base of the ground is completed. Put a thin wood board or thinly stretched clay or cork sheet etc on this.

Rather than sticking the set directly on the cork, it is easier to process such as coloring the paper than cork, and if you peel off the paper after using it, you can use it for another set. When sticking something on paper, if thickness is about 2 ~ 3 mm, it becomes easy to pierce pins.

fix with screw

check the page Fix foot with screw [tie down] base
The process of pasting paper is the same as cork ground.

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