Stand and lie down setting (Animation stand)

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In introduction I introduced Many types of stop motion animation. Shooting methods can be roughly divided into two.

Stand setting
It is a method to shoot a puppet standing on the workbench.

lie down setting
It is a method to shoot a puppet like on the animation stand and shoot from directly above. Sand animation and paper animation are made in this way. Setting up the camera directly above is difficult. but you can animate the motion like jump or fly more easily than Stand setting.

Animation stand
The animation stand is a shooting table with several layers of glass. With this table you can place the puppets and background in several levels. So you can make a screen with depth.

I made a hand made animation stand with steel rack. It’s high 180cm width 90cm depth 60cm. There are 3 grass boards (5mm thich width 80cm depth 60cm). I stretch the tracing paper on the left and right so that the light hits it uniformly. In order to prevent the camera showed at the top from appearing on the glass plate, tension the black paper with a round hole in the center so that the lens of the camera peeps through the hole.

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