Process and setting of shooting

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It is my process of shooting.

1.Place the workbench and stage and puppets, and place the camera on the tripod
It is not necessary to fix firmly, but let’s be careful not to crush them. If the room is dark, set one lighting. When using “Dragonframe” (image capture software to be explained later), prepare a personal computer.

2.Decide the angle
Let’s decide the location of the camera and the position of the camera. I take some test shots and I will grasp about how far it will be reflected. At this time, let’s think about where I stand and animate. I will try to avoid being in a posture that is burdensome and not reaching what I move. Also think about the place that puts tools and other things to use for animating.

Start lighting. Be careful of the position of the tripod for lighting so as not to disturb the animation. Be careful as power cord will be dangerous to hook your legs. Take some pictures and check the condition of the lighting. If necessary, move the position of the camera and the stage and puppets.

4.Fix firmly
The position of the camera and the lighting are decided, Let’s fix them firmly. Check again does the workbench do not shake? Does the background don’t move? properties do not fall? Does the tripod’s screw securely stop? If the lighting moves during shooting, you have to retake the cut.

5.Ready to shoot
After all things are fixed, I start preparing animation. Put tools such as tweezers to be used for animating. And set a table to place that disappear or appear puppets or the other things for the area that I can reach. I don’t walk around until the end of shooting. Before entering the production, imagine in the mind what kind of movements I want to make. And see if there is nothing to forget.

6.Start shooting
After preparing so far, shooting can be started at last. Although it is strong impression that the process of shooting by animating the puppets is very time‐consuming work, But it takes time to prepare before shooting too. By preparing firmly, you can concentrate on the animating and avoiding trouble or accidents. So it have to take enough time.

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