Process of making stop motion animation

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From here, I introduce a method for making a puppet animation concretely.

1. Draw a story board
Thinking only in the head has lots of missing parts. Let’s draw a storyboard and find a contradictory part or a missing part.

2. Considering the design of puppets, sets and props and make them
You need many materials and handicraft technique

3. Take a picture
You need camera, computer, tripod, light,etc

4. Edit and Authoring
You need computer and editing software (Aftereffects Premiere etc…)

The work of writing a picture storyboard is very important when making a puppet animation. From a storyboard, think about how many puppets are needed, what kind of set, how many props you need to make, how to animate puppets and objects (how to fix puppets and objects). And you can decide the structure of a puppets or sets, and you can set up a shooting plan such as where to combine and how to edit, in what order to shoot. You can also prevent forgetting to shoot by checking the cut after shooting.
There is no need to write it neatly. It is OK to write simple. so let’s always prepare a storyboard.

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