Many types of stop motion animation

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There are many type of stop motion animation. Many materials are used in stop motion animation.

It is a method of making by animating the puppets. The puppet’s born made by wire or metal. There are methods to use various materials such as wood, paper, cloth, metal, etc. It is a method that requires a wide range of skills and experience, such as how to make a doll and how to move. This site introduces mainly puppet animation method. In Japan, Tim Burton’s “Nightmare Before Christmas” is famous.

It is similar to puppet animation, but it is a method to shoot one frame at a time while changing the shape of clay. Even a beginner can make it relatively easily, such as being often made in a workshop for children, but if you try to make high level animation, it will take more effort than puppet animation. In Japan, “Wallace and Gromit” and “Pingu” are famous.

It is a stop motion animation that moves “objects” such as cups, dishes, books. Although it is a relatively simple method that even beginners can easily make because they can shoot with things that are around us, depending on the idea of motion, it is possible to create a very interesting video.

It is a stop motion animation using human beings. People stand up in front of the camera and take pictures one by one while making poses gradually and animate them. There is no need to make dolls and sets. In the sense that it can be made relatively easily, people standing in front of the camera have difficulty. Recently I came to see making something with high school culture festivals
in Japan.

It is a stop motion animation with sand. I will take pictures one by one while scattering sand on the glass plate. It is a very perseverable technique, but the unique image that hits the light from under the glass plate is very intense.

6. paper animation
It is a method of taking pictures one by one while arranging pieces of paper cut for each part of neck and limbs and moving little by little. It is an interesting style that added real-life feeling of frame shooting to 2D animation.

There are many stop motion animation using the other materials.

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